Willie Weston works with Australian Indigenous artists and remote community art centres to develop curated collections of commercial grade furnishing fabrics. Artists and their communities are paid for each metre of fabric produced, ensuring ongoing revenue streams outside their main art practice. Artwork is digitally printed in limited runs, maintaining the integrity of the artists' work and ensuring the exclusivity of our fabrics. 

Prior to launching Willie Weston, co-founders Jessica Booth and Laetitia Prunetti both completed Masters degrees in Art Curatorship and developed curatorial careers. Jessica specialised in Indigenous art and Laetitia's focus on contemporary art led her to co-direct the 2012 Melbourne Art Fair. Looking to continue supporting artists whilst stepping outside the art world, Willie Weston was born.

Willie Weston's ambition is to challenge preconceptions about Indigenous art and design, and to bring uniquely Australian fabrics to interiors markets both locally and internationally.