ORA Design is a line of exquisite and refined textiles that combines contemporary aesthetics with traditional Laotian patterns and hand weaving skills. ORA Design is a unique expression of old world and new; soft and subtle colours complement bold modern patterns to create a new language of cloth. 

Conceived and designed by Anou Thammavong, the ORA Design atelier is based in Vientiane, Laos, where Anou works with a studio of highly skilled artisans. For over a decade he has pursued his passion to create a distinctive line of unique silk, linen and cotton fabrics, including reviving ancient patterns and weaving traditions, some of which were lost over the past fifty years. 

The launch of Anou’s new line of ORA Design captures a passion, maturity, and flavour that have been evolving for many years. Anou brings to his textiles a blend of east and west. In his designs, an inherited passion for Lao textiles through the skills and examples of his beloved grandmother, Orady, meets the refined and polished design sensibility of his French education. A personal approach to design and an eye for colours is characteristic of the ORA Design fabric collections. The colours and refined patterns pay homage to Anou’s leading source of inspiration, his grandmother.

More than merely paying homage, Anou is himself a rebirth of the extraordinary textile talent for which his grandmother was known as a young woman. Orady Souvannavong, a respected member of the Laotian Royal Court, was a woman ahead of her time. In the 1950s, she set up a weaving workshop in Vientiane and attracted the best weavers. Orady boldly took risks to modernise classic Lao silk patterns, and her cloths became ‘de rigueur’, enormously popular with the fashion-conscious ladies residing in the royal capital city of Luang Prabang. Although Orady’s workshop could not continue, her special textiles are preserved and her talent is captured and revived by her grandson. 

Dedicated to pursing Orady’s legacy and inspired by her creativity and modern spirit, ORA Design has launched a new expression of decorative textiles that seamlessly combines a contemporary design ethos with traditional, and highly skilled, weaving methods. Respect and quality are at the core of ORA Design philosophy and products; from respectful relationships with the weavers and their personal mastery, to the sustainable and environmentally conscious methods of dyeing, spinning, weaving, and living our daily lives as artists.